Extended Stay Boarding

We offer a 15% discounted nightly rate for extended boarding reservations.  No other discounts are eligible to be applied to the extended boarding nightly rate.  The extended rate discount will be applied after 30 consecutive nights in addition to the following requirements:

  • Deposit for entire reservation must be paid in full prior to or at the time of drop-off.  Any extensions to the boarding reservation must be accompanied by another deposit for the additional nights.

  • A valid credit card must be kept on file to handle incidental charges (i.e. baths, nail trims, room services, playtimes) as well as any reservation extension.  If the credit card is found to be invalid the discounted rate will be removed and payment will immediately be due in full.

  • Reservations initially made for 30 days or more and subsequently reduced to less than 30 will not be eligible for the extended stay rate.

  • A copy of the owners drivers license will be made and kept on file for the duration of the reservation.