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Daycare & Dayboarding

Bayside Kennels’ Doggie Daycare provides a fun and safe atmosphere with lots of interaction with other dogs as well as people. Dogs can participate in group play, hang out with our daycare attendants, or just relax and observe their surroundings. Many pet owners work long hours, leaving their dogs home alone without mental or physical stimulation. Daycare is a fun alternative to crating or leaving your dog home alone. Many of our clients bring their dogs to daycare daily during the week, while others come only occasionally as a special treat or when inclement weather does not permit a regular exercise routine. Doggie Daycare is also available for dogs that are boarding!

Some dogs may develop separation anxiety and other behavioral problems and, as a result, may whine, bark and/or destroy things when left alone. Regular interaction with other dogs builds confidence, helps dogs develop great social skills and allows dogs to maintain good physical condition. Many owners comment on what a pleasure it is to pick up a tired, happy dog at the end of the workday rather than coming home to find 11 hours of pent-up canine energy (and possibly destruction!) awaiting them. Our Daycare area features a large indoor climate-controlled play room, as well as a partially covered outdoor area with four play yards with mud-free, artificial turf. Dogs can play on our custom built playground equipment, play tug-o-war, or fetch with one of many toys or enjoy pool time in warm weather.

Hours for Daycare are Monday – Friday 7 AM – 6 PM, excluding some holidays. Dogs take a midday nap and recharge in their own, individual kennel. Lunch may also be fed if requested, although we do not recommend lunch for dogs over 9 months. 

  • Application / Screening required

  • All dogs must be spayed / neutered by 7 months

  • of age.

  • Negative yearly fecal exam

  • Vaccines required: Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella

  • Recommended: Canine Influenza Vaccine (H3N2 & H3N8)

What to expect

All Daycare Dogs must pass a Daycare Screening and

Temperament Test before being "Daycare Approved."

This screening consists of a "touch test" (seeing if the

dog will allow us to touch their back, tail, and feet),

a "crate test" (crates are used for "cool-downs" or

"timeouts" if a dog becomes overstimulated), and a

slow introduction to the group of dogs. We have 4

outdoor play yards and during the screening, your 

dog will become comfortable in the first yard before

we bring similar energy and size dogs over to meet

him or her. During these initial introductions, we focus

heavily on physical cues and body language to ensure

Daycare is fun, not stressful. All our staff has completed

intensive training through "Dog Gurus," "Fetchfind," and

lots of hands-on work! 

We pride ourselves on an extremely low attendant to dog ratio of 1:15.  Much like in human schools, the lower the staff ratio, the more

individual attention your dog receives.  This matters to us!

Daycare vs Dayboarding

Some dogs love playing with friends all day! However, some dogs are more dog selective and prefer smaller groups or individual play.  For these dogs, we offer Dayboarding. It works similar to Daycare where dogs are dropped off for the day, but they have more individual time in an indoor/ outdoor enclosure and then either one-on-one or small group playtimes in one our our playyards. They go home tired and happy and enjoy some extra one-on-one people time!  



  • Screening (takes at least 4 hours & includes the rest of the day if pass)- $25 

    • If your pup does not pass the screening, they are still welcome to spend the day with us! ​

  • Full Day Daycare – $29

  • Half Day Daycare (5 hours or less)​ – $23 

  • Boarding dogs – $18 for full day

    • $15 for half day

  • 5 day pass - $135

  • 15 day pass - $375

  • Monthly unlimited (1 calendar month eg: April 15th-May 14th) - $529


  • Full Day - $23

  • Half Day (5 hours or less) - $15

  • 5 day pass - $105

  • 15 day pass - $285

  • Monthly unlimited ((1 calendar month eg: April 15th-May 14th) - $391